Xenogears story lives on, thanks to its ambitious creator

Jeremy Parish: “Video games, as a medium, dont have many auteur creators designers who produce games for big publishers yet somehow manage for their personal obsessions and peculiarities to shine through. Consider Jeff Minter, a man whose catalog demonstrates an equal fascination with Ataris Tempest and camelids. Or Hideo Kojimas obsession with Hollywood popcorn flicks has led to Metal Gear, a series of intricate action games with arcane storylines. Akitoshi Kawazus abiding interest in tabletop games gave us SaGa, Square Enixs most mechanically impenetrable role-playing franchise. Fumito Ueda created Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian, three games about the role that companionship plays in overcoming isolation. And so forth: all games heavily driven by a singular vision, even when the pursuit of those passions works to the detriment of the end product. Twenty years ago, another auteur appeared on the scene with the arrival of the first game based around his own…

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