Xbox boss Phil Spencer was a big fan of Destiny 1, having played some 700 hours of it. He’s also logging time in the sequel, and now he’s told us more about his time with the game. Speaking to GameSpot at the Brazil Game Show today, Spencer said he keeps his fireteam (and sometimes his Xbox Live party settings) open so anyone can join him. His gamertag, which he frequently shares openly on Twitter and elsewhere, is P3

He has to kick people out from time to time, however, because he’s not a high enough level to play end-game activities like Leviathan raid. He told us at the show that his character is Power level 237. You need to be at least 260 to play the raid. Not being a high enough Power level for the raid keeps him awake at night, Spencer said, perhaps jokingly.

Spencer’s public page on Destinytracker shows that his character, an Awoken Titan, now has a Power level of 241. That’s not the highest, of course, but Spencer is a busy, busy person with a lot on his plate, so it’s understandable. He told us he’s traveled to Tokyo, the US east coast, and then Brazil just in the past few weeks.

The Xbox boss also told us about which weapon he wants the most in Destiny 2. After very much enjoying the MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 1, he’s looking to get the weapon in the sequel.

Spencer also said he’s bummed that Bungie won’t allow him to play his Destiny 2 character in the PC version right now. The game doesn’t launch for PC until October 24, but given his high-up position and contacts, we wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer received some form of early access.

For more on our conversation with Spencer, check out the stories linked below, and come back soon to see our full Q&A.


Author Eddie Makuch

Original Post by GameSpot

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