Wargroove bringing its Advance-Wars-inspired turn-based strategy to PS4 next week

Developer Chucklefish has announced that the long-awaited PlayStation 4 version of its well-received turn-based strategy game Wargroove will finally be launching next Tuesday, 23rd July.

Wargroove, you might recall, released earlier this year on Switch, Xbox One, and PC, amid a swell of pre-launch anticipation. Much of that excitement was down to the fact that Chucklefish openly cited Nintendo’s beloved Advance Wars series as a major inspiration for the title – as you’d probably be able to surmise yourself from a quick glance at a screenshot – sending long-neglected fans into a hopeful frenzy.

Thankfully, Wargroove does more than simply slap a fantasy theme onto Intelligent Systems’ classic Advance Wars template. As you battle across each meticulously designed map, shifting your units around to engage in delightfully drawn rock-paper-scissors-style conflicts, Wargroove adds a few new tactical twists to consider – including the likes of unit synergies, enabling stronger attacks depending on adjacent allies.

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Original Post By – Eurogamer 

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