Example Gameplay Analysis:

The Unwelcomed Demo Example Gameplay is initially a creative masterpiece. Unlike other games, this one has the ability to switch between Virtual Reality and Normal mode. Of which I think is one of the highlights to this game. Not many people would have heard or even know about this particular game and so I’m going to provide some back Story behind this Game:

  1.  The Main Focus Point:
  • The plot focuses around the ‘escape the room’ particularly in this game. The ambience created within these scenes are unique. In the way that its main focus is based around a family home. Admitedly with a bit of a twist, to claim the house as the ‘players’ own but ” It’s going to be hard to leave.” What I take from that is, there’s only one way out and it doesn’t seem like this way is particularly enjoyable or ‘worth living’ as it were
  • My personal Opinion: Example Gameplay

The Unwelcomed Example Gameplay is awarded most for top indie of 2016 but, With a lot of Indie Jump-scare games progressing, it’s hard to tell really which ones you personally are going to enjoy. It’s controversial as many people either love or hate Indies. Myself, I really think that Indie games are the heart and soul of the gaming industry nowadays. It creates endless possibilities for younger, less experienced game developers and helps them along their journey up the ladder.

Furthermore to this I know how it feels to feel like you’re at the bottom of the ladder. I am a graduate Games Development student with eyes and ears for detail. Nevertheless a lot of games’ nowadays really struggle to attract the right publicity. It’s only when you’re part of a big company that you actually start to get noticed.

In contrast to that a lot of indie developers have conquered the battle and are living it up doing what they love! It takes a lot of dedicated time, money and tears to finally get things moving. When it starts to take off the sky is the limit! I shouldn’t think there is a better feeling than that!

The message I am trying to convey here guys is my love for indie games/developers. I admire all the work that everyone puts in. I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone at Caffeine Gaming for giving me such a warm welcome! For now, that’s all from me!


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