The YouTuber who mastered the creative kill

The YouTuber who mastered the creative kill

Let’s Play videos can be appealing for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you watch them because you like the personality of the presenter. Other times you want to get tips or tricks and seek a video walkthrough. And often gameplay videos are engaging because someone is trying to pull off a particularly impressive challenge, like, say, playing Dark Souls 3 with a controller made from bananas, or speedrunning a title to near perfection.

YouTuber StealthGamerBR’s videos don’t fit any of these criteria, yet they may be my favourite of the bunch. As the name implies, StealthGamerBR specialises in stealth adventures. That’s kind of their thing. What’s interesting about StealthGamerBR’s videos is that they’re not conventional challenge runs with stringent rules, but rather compiled under a different guiding principle: What would be most entertaining to watch?

So with Hitman or Dishonored 2, for example, they don’t simply try to not get spotted, or take out everyone non-lethally (which results in a higher score). Nor do they go for a goofy DIY challenge like slaying every NPC on the map.

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