We have a great passion for Halo here at Caffeine Gaming. In the early days Halo was a shining light for the whole of the gaming industry, helping to lead it in a new direction. It’s thanks to games like Halo 2 and CoD: 4 that online gaming has taken off. The fan base for Halo has been split since Bungie left, with people praising 343 for certain games and most others berating them for the direction Halo 5 took. The next iteration in the franchise, Halo Infinite, is expected to ‘soft reboot’ the series and get back to the roots of why people love the game. It seems 343 has been listening. However, they have been a few news articles surrounding the development lately that could show signs of trouble, this article is going to look at all the latest Halo Infinite news.

Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves

So, I figured I’d get the most recent Halo Infinite news out the way first, yes that’s right, the creative director has left 343 industries. This was something that the media was quick to jump on and gaming fans all around the world seem to be happy to rejoice in the turmoil the production seems to be in. Some articles are reporting that Tim Longo was moved from this position a few weeks before to work on a different role, which seems, to myself at least, to be the reason he’s left the company. Tim was the lead on Halo 5 which had mostly negative reviews from fans and its multiplayer being its saving grace. On top of that, with a year left of production you would expect most creative work to be complete, nether the less the overall creative vision of the game has been reported to be with Chris Lee since the beginning, so I would consider it safe to assume the game isn’t in trouble at this stage.

“The players are the most important aspect to 343i”

Halo Infinite will have Micro-transactions

In even more recent Halo Infinite news, a job posting for 343 advertised Halo would have ‘AAA player investment opportunities’ which includes micro-transactions. Whilst we all shudder at the word, micro-transactions are pretty much normal practice in games now, it would be more surprising if a title was released without them frankly. Now don’t get me wrong I do not agree with micro-transactions and they are a plague on the industry, I believe they only make sense for Free to Play games. Having said that, what I don’t understand about the uproar with this is that Halo 5 has micro-transactions in the form of Loot boxes and weapon skins, so this isn’t new for the franchise at all.

Image showing the different requisition packs on Halo 5. Relating to Halo Infinite news
You can either earn REQ points by playing or purchase them with real world money to unlock REQ packs on Halo 5.

On top of that, the job listing itself states: successful candidates will ‘put the player first in all of the teams design’ which at least seems to show the players are the most important aspect to 343i, personally I think these transactions will be for weapon and armor skins or even armor sets themselves. We’ve heard the Halo Infinite news that it will have the same customization that Reach had, allowing people to make there Spartans in their own image but I don’t agree with putting certain armor sets behind a paywall. I think they need to introduce a way to earn points to spend on the armor by playing and add the option of purchasing the sets if you don’t want to grind it out. Much like how the REQ system works in Halo 5.  

Cortana Has the Logic Plague

This is possibly the latest Halo Infinite news that surrounds the campaign and it’s my favorite I’ve heard so far. It can take a little to explain for fans who haven’t read the Halo literature but in short, the Logic Plague is a weapon that the flood utilizes to corrupt/ infect AI subjects. It has a strong resemblance to Rampancy in an AI. The Gravemind has managed to successful use it to convert a forerunner AI before, which is significantly more powerful than Cortana. The theory is that the Gravemind manages to plant its logic inside the AI through conversing with it and turn the AI towards the flood’s motives. This can sometimes take years.

At E3 we were treated to the trailer for Halo Infinite and one keen eyed fan (Thank you @xeypal) noticed if you slow it down and look closely when Master Chief is brought online you see red lines that makes up a QR code. Scan this QR code and you get a recording of Cortana who seems to be seeing a copy of herself and questioning what is going on, could the Cortana we know from Halo 5 be infected with the Logic Plague? Or even be just a copy? We know it’s possible for an AI to break themselves down into different fragments. It would make sense she has the logic plague after her time spent with the Gravemind in Halo 3, it would certainly bring the games back into its root with a nod to the original trilogy.

Personally, I think that’s exactly how its going to turn out, people enjoyed Cortana until Halo 5 and I realize 343i has noted that fans didn’t like the way the campaign turned out in that game. Myself, I love the idea that AI’s have rebelled against their creators and Humanity will have to team up with all the races who were in the covenant to defeat her. It would open the door to seeing more collaboration between the UNSC and the Arbiters Elites and that’s exactly what I want to see in this next game.

That’s all the latest Halo Infinite news so far, I think it is turning out to look to be a huge game in the series and I only hope that 343i can make it a success within the saga. We all remember how we felt when Halo 2 came out, I was a young kid sneaking down to my Xbox at 3am just to play some more campaign, not wanting to put the controller down. That’s the feeling I want with this new Halo. I am eager to know your comments on the game, what do you think it will be like? Let me know in the comments below or on our forums! OOH RAH MARINES!