The Double-A Team: Rodea the Sky Soldier is an overlooked action game that deserves to take flight

After leaving Sega, and narrowly dodging a bullet of having his name on the disaster that was Sonic 2006, Yuji Naka established his own company, Prope. It was a chance for the veteran developer to create a range of original IP no longer shackled to a certain blue hedgehog.

While the majority of the studio’s output was rather simplistic casual games for mobile, the man behind Sonic, NiGHTS, and yes, even Billy Hatcher, hadn’t given up on creating another colourful mascot action-platformer.

This brings us to Rodea the Sky Soldier. Which is not really a platformer at all, since the magic comes from not touching the ground, but rather soaring and bounding between targets. You pilot the titular robot boy who’s trying to recover his memories while defending the floating kingdom of Garuda from the dastardly mechanical Naga Empire.

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