Battle of Royale

So as we all know Battle Royale has come out of know where and stormed the gaming industry to massive success. Typically, today you can’t even go through social media without seeing a post about Fortnite or PUBG with a comment section of people debating which is better. On top of this other top developers, such as Call of Duty, have also created their own versions of the game which is bringing a lot of attention to the genre. Battle of Royale.

The reason for this article is due to the recent rumors spreading around the demise of PUBG and the creators, Bluehole, suing Fortnite creators Epic Games for the likeness of there game with PUBG. As is normal with the media the rumors have escalated and a lot more rumor has developed around it so this is the go to stop to understand the low down and what is going on.

Battle of Royale
Social Media is ripe with Fortnite vs PUBG talk.

So first of all, Yes Bluehole’s PUBG Corp has sued Epic Games but only in South Korea despite rumors its going through the high courts in the US. It is suing them as they believe the games are so similiar it triggers copyright laws. People have been expecting Bluehole to sue Epic Games over the similarities the games since the release of Fortnite:BR.

They is no denying both the games have a lot in common but whether that’s because its the same genre or not is a different matter. I think the reason Bluehole have waited so long to sue so far is due to Epic allowing them to use their game engine, Unreal Engine 4. Originally this was the cause for the bitterness between the 2 companies mainly because Bluehole have to pay huge royalties for using Unreal Engine 4 so Epic Games benefits from both games success. On top of this the company feels they had a good relationship with them and were looking forward to working closely with them and Bluehole feels there names has been used to officially promote Fortnite Battle Royal without there knowledge.

Battle of Royale
PUBG has been steadily loosing players over the past few months.

Why they have only sued in South Korea is anyone’s guess though. They is a lot of talk of it being due to Epic Games pushing Fortnite into that region in the very near future. Due to this PUBG Corp have decided to sue to stop it getting anywhere over there, people are also claiming they are simply trying to cash in what they can since the game is massively loosing players, these are all just rumors and they is no truth to any of it yet. All we know for now is that PUBG Corp is suing in South Korea and they is a chance for it to escalate to western countries. Either way the ramifications will be felt worldwide if Epic Games is found guilty if copyright infringement.

But that does lead me straight into the other rumors surrounding PUBG mainly regarding the massive loss in player base. Yes, the player count for PUBG is massively down considering where it was before the end of 2017 and Fortnite seems to just be growing. I think a few things are to blame for it on the whole and simply saying Fortnite is better is the wrong way to be looking at it. Currently PUBG has been lacking a steady flow of content and the developers are being more reactive to issues than proactive leading players to feel like there not looked after. The mood throughout the PC community is that the developers are not listening to there players or simply don’t care. Recently Chinese servers where flooded with hackers and cheaters leading to players calling for a region lock on these servers, this added with frequent performance issues has led to people feeling like they want to jump ship.

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile
Both developers released their games into mobile recently
EPIC Games is sued.
PUBG Sues Epic Games in South Korea for copyright infringement.






Saying people are just swapping from PUBG to Fortnite is a tall order though, there’s multiple reasons that Fortnite becoming more popular. The game has very frequent updates to it, it has taken off over social media due to clips being shared, it has picked up is marketing campaign recently by including a Marvel: Infinity War game mode but I think the most important thing to remember is that it is a free game to play. Having said that hats off to Epic Games for putting, and continuing to put, a lot of effort to keep the game going. Fortnite: BR has been out since September 2017 and the content has been so frequent they haven’t even needed to make drastic measures like recreating the map to keep the game relevant.

I think the thing to remember about this is that a multiplayer game isn’t simply just a base game anymore, frequent content and community engagement from the developers is essential for a game to stand the test of time, its a shame but that’s the way the industry has gone, the issue PUBG has is its not quite doing either yet leading to a loss of players and opinion shifting gears on the game.

Battle of Royale
Other game developers are releasing their versions of Battle Royale, most notably Call of Duty.

Some people are feeling like soon PUBG will be a thing of the past and eventually so will Fortnite and the whole Battle Royale era of gaming. I think its completely the opposite, Call of Duty have now jumped on the band wagon with their own version in Black Ops 4 called Blackout. Now I am not longer a Call of Duty fan but I am excited to play this, just to see their own take on Battle Royale and at the end of the day that is what this genre will result in each well known studio will have their own spin on it which will help build it up as a market in the industry. You never know we might even see sequels (highly likely when Activision get involved).

Let me know you’re opinion on these matters in the comments below or on our forums here. That’s it from me at Caffeine Gaming, until next time!