The Archivist:VR began as nothing but passion and sheer adoration for Twin Peaks. Developed by Nothing Like You Productions, The Archivist:VR encapsulates the sole essence and the fundamental core of Twin Peaks.

Orly Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Nothing Like You Productions and the visionary behind The Archivist:VR. His team comprises of various specialists who have dedicated themselves to the games industry and share the passion for the project. The members include the following:

  • Christian Schamra, a previous software engineer for Blizzard Entertainment who is currently working for Apple as a software engineer.
  • Sara Alhuwaimel, inhabits 5 years of experience creating 2D and 3D games. She has obtained various awards and accolades which include 3 Indie Game Awards.
  • Kemal Can Kirdar, the associate director who is a self-taught 3D artist, CG Artist, writer and Unity developer who has been in the industry for approximately 1 year.

The team have increased the passion immensely by assisting Orly’s dream of envisioning a Twin Peaks video game ever since he witnessed the show over 20 years ago. The Archivist:VR presents the opportunity to escape our monotonous realm of reality and teleport ourselves to the vast and intriguing world of Twin PeaksThe Archivist:VR offers an immersive and unique story line which shadows the main protagonist, Special Agent Miller. There is a strong inclination that Twin Peaks might return on our screens, however, David Lynch desires no discussion on the topic. Thankfully, The Archivist:VR is present to relieve that Twin Peaks itch.

Orly Rodriguez acquired his knowledge of game development through the Game Art Institute and has high appraisal for his instructor, Eddie J. Christian as he states, “The support is absolutely amazing and the author is a top-notch professional”.

The Archivist:VR is still in the developmental stage. However, Nothing Like You Productions continues to showcase their highly impressive work which include, the eerie woodsman above the convenience store, the Double R Diner, the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department, the Black Lodge, amongst many other iconic scenes. Share your experience with illustrious characters such as The Giant, Major Garland Briggs, Dale Cooper, BOB and many more.

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Cooper, Twin Peaks

The Giant

The Giant, Twin peaks

“Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.” – Dale Cooper

The Archivist:VR Official Trailer

The Archivist:VR public beta is now available to download at

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The Woodsman

The Woodsman, Twin Peaks

The Black Lodge

The Black Lodge, Twin Peaks

Ghostwood Forest, Twin Peaks

Ghostwood Forest, Twin Peaks

The Convenience Store

Convenience Store, Twin Peaks

As Nothing Like You Productions is an independent studio they don’t have access to the luxuries compared to a triple A corporation. So, a Patreon page has been initiated. If you share the same passion as Nothing Like You Productions, any donation is tremendously appreciated. “A path is formed by laying one stone at a time” – The Giant.

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