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Apex Legends Banner

Respawn Entertainment launch Apex Legends

Battle Royale expands again, with a new game with a fresh take, Apex Legends! You may remember Respawn Entertainment to be the...
Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series Following Nvidia releasing the RTX 20 series cards, many speculations and rumours have surfaced about the future of Nvidia’s old but...
Event Pass Sanhok.

PUBG Corp makes changes & adds Event Seasons!

PUBG adds Event Seasons In case you're not aware here, at Caffeine Gaming, we are a fan of the Battle Royale genre and especially fond...
Battlegrounds versus Fortnite

The Battle of Royale

Battle of Royale So as we all know Battle Royale has come out of know where and stormed the gaming industry to massive success. Typically,...
Mobile versions of Fortnite and PUBG

Mobile Platform gets Battle Royale

So unless you have been living under a rock recently then you will know the gaming world has been taken over by the Battle...
BELONG by Game

Game launches eSports Initiative

If I wrote an article talking about how a huge retailer in the UK, GAME ,was building on there own eSports initiative about 10...

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