Welcome to your daily gaming news source, Caffeine Gaming! In today’s article, we are going to discuss procedural generation and how well it is applied in Sure Footing along with a brief review of the game! We were lucky enough have the chance to play Sure Footing at Insomnia i62 and had the opportunity to play the released version of the game!

Procedural Generation is when a computer generates data through the use of an algorithm, as opposed to a programmer manually entering all the values. So, how does Sure Footing utilize this within the game?

Sure Footing is a fast-paced side-scroller in which you play as a piece of data which must escape from a deadly virus. There are multiple themed sections of the map which can be reached by running, not in distance, but in bits! There are numerous characters which can be played each with their own strengths and weaknesses which are Acceleration, Top Speed, and Jump Strength! Each character comes with different costumes that can be unlocked, each giving the character a new and unique visual style!

Sure Footing

In Sure Footing, the majority of the map is procedurally generated leaving each playthrough feeling different. There are some set pieces of the map that are placed intentionally for progression’s sake, however, that still leaves the majority of the map generated by an algorithm which the amazing developers at Table Flip Studios seem to have mastered.

So how is this accomplished in video games?

Games such as Minecraft use a seed which can consist of a range of characters or simply numbers, which are passed into the algorithm which will then generate the data which the developers desire. This is most commonly used in video games to drop loot, occasionally spawn enemies and as seen in No Mans Sky, generate entire worlds! In instances such as No Mans Sky, the developers provided the algorithm with characteristics which were then strung together. With animals, the developers provided legs, arms, antlers, heads, etc… for the algorithm to alter and combine which creates all the awesome creatures in the universe!

Sure Footing

How well does Sure Footing handle procedural generation?

In my opinion, it does procedural generation amazingly! I’ve played quite a few hours of the game and each time has been unique and fun! I’ve had a few games where my own skills have lead to my failure in the game, but the map has never been an issue.

Overall, Sure Footing is a side-scroller which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anybody that is looking for endless fun, alone, or with friends! I’ve played for hours by myself and I’ve had the joy of playing with friends! The game excels in both the singleplayer and the multiplayer experiences! Along with this, the game has a really nice art style that is simple and not over the top. The art style of the game adds character to the levels, without overdoing it with visual effects or creating a sense of emptiness within the levels.

The progression in the game is fair and balanced, with each character being unlocked at a reasonable rate. I found that by the time I had unlocked a character, I was just about getting used to the character I had just been playing, leading me to be more excited about the challenge of an unknown playstyle for the newly unlocked character!

The game is currently priced at 7.99 GBP on Steam, which is a fair price considering the hours of content that can be yielded from the purchase. I myself follow a rule of 1 hour per pound and Sure Footing has certainly surpassed that rule!

-Gregory Neale (X_Pilot)