Superhot Superhot Superhot. The name says it all. Do you like action games? Do you like FPS games? If so Superhot is your game. No for real this game makes you feel like James Bond shooting at enemies around corners and stealing their weapons out of the air after throwing your empty gun at them. Genuinely this game nails everything that is required for a good FPS/action.

This is my review on Superhot, my name is Taylor from Caffeine Gaming and I hope you enjoy this review.

When it came out Superhot was in Gaming News everywhere, creators were steaming it and recording it and many people were reviewing it. I only got the pleasure of playing this game about a month ago and I can tell you if you haven’t played it, yet you must play it.

Superhot – James Bond Style

A bit of background (Superhot Dev Team etc)

Before playing Superhot I had heard of it due to a youtuber I watch uploading videos on it. The game was released on 25th February 2016 on PC which later that year and the following year it was released on Xbox and PS4. The developers Superhot Team have since released the VR version which I am yet to play but if it’s anything like this I can tell you it is worth every penny.

Now into the juicy bit

Before playing this game I have a warning……. You won’t be able to put the controller down until you have finished the campaign. Trust me I couldn’t. The game is single player only, but it has many options which make it playable for hours. From first glance Superhot is a very different conception which is a struggle to get your head round, time only moves when you move. Since playing/completing the game you will feel like a Cyber James Bond due to the game mechanics.

The story line follows yourself who is playing a new VR game on PC called Superhot. Throughout the game I felt I got so indulged into the campaign that I was the character you play. I was in my own little Cyber World. As you progress through the game there are many fun game mechanics you explore which is one of the biggest selling points for this game. Personally I found the way you could throw anything at the enemy and they would drop their gun which you could pick up hilarious, just imagine the scenes, running around with a samurai sword dropping it to chuck a flowerpot at the enemy simultaneously picking the sword back up to slice him in half while he’s dropped his gun, picking that up and finishing everyone else off with a filthy headshot. Now that sounds like a lot of movement but in this game it can take 3-4 minutes to set this up but when in real speed it’s a beautiful scene of annihilation of all the enemies within 3 seconds.

Being able to watch each level back in full speed after 5 minutes or more of preparing and completing the level is an awesome mechanic because there’s nothing better than seeing your masterpiece unfold in full speed.

The only downside I thought of the game was the way it took a little while to get used to how the game is played and the controls for the game. This is such a minor thing but with every review there must be a negative and this is all I could find. Once played a few levels I found myself getting more used to the concept and controls. The community have many comments on the game but the negatives from them is the storyline which is said to be not indulging enough and very lame, I personally loved the storyline and believed it is one of the best parts of the games apart from all of the mechanics.

Xbox Superhot – Heads be popping using the baseball bat

The Ending (Superhot verdict)

As part of every review I do I will do my conclusion (Named The Ending to keep with gaming theme) which wraps my whole review up to my final point, what do I score the game out of 5 and would I recommend it. Superhot was a one-off game which trapped me into the addictive nature I have. Every moment was epic in its own way. The game mechanics were superb, the campaign was an amazing blend of levels which tested you to an enthralling storyline which was unpredictable. So, for my score, I will be scoring all my games in true Caffeine Gaming style by rating them compared to energy drinks (1 – Water, 2 – Tea, 3 – Coffee, 4 – Red Bull and 5 – Monster Energy) 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. My score for Superhot by Superhot Team is a solid 4 – Red Bull, the game fulfilled everything wished for in an FPS with a very different way of playing the game, I would highly recommend this game to any gamer who has yet to play this.

Written and reviewed by Taylor Anderson (Caffeine Gaming Contributor)