We are always looking for people who want to help us by writing articles or creating videos. If you want to get into creating reviews on products and games or just want a rant get in touch.

Our contributors don’t have to know everything about gaming, you simply need a passion for any game, any console, any technology. We welcome reviews on the latest games, but also retro game reviews too.

We love to hear your thoughts on the latest gaming hardware, software and accessories. In fact, even if you’d simply like to share your latest gaming experience, please get in touch.

From Pokemon Go to Skyrim, from COD to GTA, we want to hear all about it. It fits with our aim. Our aim is to be the only site gamers need to catch up with the latest news, to connect with other gamers, and to enjoy a good laugh. With everything in the one place, you can get back to doing what you do best. Conquering the world with a controller, sat in your Sunday best (or not).

Contributor Guidelines

We do have a few contributor guidelines but you’ll find we’re very relaxed. Here’s what you need to consider before submitting your first piece of content.

  1. Make sure it’s original – We want your thoughts, ideas, gaming reviews and opinions, no one else’s please.
  2. No spam – we hate spam
  3. You can include a link to a relevant source, it must be related to gaming in someway and must provide value to the piece you’re writing.
  4. Please make sure it’s grammatically correct as we have enough on our plate bringing you gaming news every minute of the day without becoming your editor too

If this all sounds agreeable please get in touch. Send over your content or your ideas and become a Caffeine Gaming Contributor with a good guest post.

How to Submit a Guest Post

Send your gaming guest posts to us. We’ll let you know within a week whether we can feature your content or not.


Please note we have no paid roles available.

You will be asked to forward a CV to us

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