Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes to theatres on December 20, concluding the Skywalker Saga that began back in 1977 with the original movie. The film will answer some lingering questions about the wider Star Wars lore, while others may remain a mystery. Viewers will be expecting a lot from the film, and in particular the ending. And what an ending it will be, according to the facial expressions of some of the main actors.

John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Keri Russell, Anthony Daniels, Kelly Marie Tran, and Naomi Ackie all appeared at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge today to promote the film. The interviewer asked the group to respond to The Rise of Skywalker’s ending only using facial expressions and hand gestures. The image below is the result:

The cast of The Rise of Skywalker when asked to respond to the ending with facial expressions
The cast of The Rise of Skywalker when asked to respond to the ending with facial expressions

Ackie looks stunned. Daniels looks shocked. Russell is using her hands to represent tears running down her face. Tran looks flabbergasted. Ridley is emoting something close to exasperation. Boyega looks stoic. Isaac appears at peace. Director JJ Abrams, meanwhile, is looking intently at his actors to see their expressions. You can see how it all played out in this video on YouTube.

Abrams, who was brought on to direct The Rise of Skywalker after Disney fired the original director, recently spoke about the challenge of directing the end of a trilogy.

“I will say, without giving anything away, knowing this movie is an ending is, for me infinitely more challenging than a beginning,” he said. “We knew we needed to provide answers. And while there may be some things that aren’t entirely demystified by the end of it, we wanted to make sure people left feeling that they were satisfied. So I hope, on a number of issues, people will leave and feel like that it’s a true ending and not an advertising ploy. We really are bringing it to an end.”


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