Respawn are making the new Star Wars game. It is no secret that since EA won the deal with Disney to produce the Star Wars games more than half of the community cried in despair, it is also no secret that EA have gained a reputation for being one of the worse publisher in the gaming industry- whether that title is still justified remains to be seen. Typically when a game studio comes under the influence of EA it’s not long until their games suffer, just ask Bioware with there most recent attempt at a new IP.

Anthem was riddled with issues. Respawn hope the same wont happen to their Star Wars Game.
Anthem has been riddled with issues that seem to rise from difficulties Bioware had with EA during development.

One company that seems to be exempt from this influence though is Respawn, that could be due to their founders being known for disliking meddling parent companies, having experienced it previously. Respawn announced their new single player only Star Wars game the other day and its shaping up to be the best looking game of the year. I have compiled all we know about it in this article to hopefully excite people towards a new Star Wars game for a nice change!

Who are Respawn?

This might sound like a ridiculous question to most people reading this but after speaking to a few fellow gamers they are many who are unaware of who Respawn are and where they came from. This could be due to their first few games going under the radar due to their release window being between that years Call Of Duty and Battlefield resulting in the game losing sales it could of had. Respawn is made up of an original team that worked on the better Call of Duty games, remember Modern Warfare made by Infinity Ward? Yeah that’s these guys. The team left Infinity Ward due to issues with Activision the publisher, Vincent claims they were not being payed their royalties for Modern Warfare 2 and Activision claims they were fired for entering in talks with other publishers such as EA.

Titanfall 2 is the last big game Respawn made before the Star Wars Game.
Titanfall 2 was massively underrated due to being released between the CoD and Battlefield release window.

Quite frankly I couldn’t be happier this took place, CoD was bound to go down hill as unfortunately that is the typical fate for FPS games that get past the trilogy mark. However, thanks to Respawn we got the highly underrated Titanfall series and then the massively successful Apex Legends Battle Royale, which you can read about here. So basically Respawn are ex-CoD creators who don’t like over controlling publishers.

Apex Legends. Respawns latest game before the Star Wars Game.

Apex Legends was released a few months ago and is already big enough to rival Fortnite.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Jeeze where do I get started on this? So back in 2016 it was revealed at EA Play that Respawn were working on an open world action-adventure Star Wars game but that is literally all we would hear about it until this year. A few photos were leaked before Star Wars Celebration this year and then we got the trailer during the live panel. I am going to get straight into it and show you the trailer below.

So in this game you play Cal, a Padawan who has managed to survive Order 66, the purge of the Jedi throughout the galaxy. It is a single player game that tells the story of Cal hiding in plain sight. It looks like he has to use his force powers and gets discovered by the Empire who in turn sends its Inquisitor Squad on his trail. Whilst the trailer doesn’t give a great deal away it shows off the great potential for this game. The potential for saber battles much like Jedi Academy, the potential for boss fights like the Force Unleashed and the potential for story driven game play like Knights of The Old Republic.

Speaking about that potential, I want this game to be its own thing. Whilst all those other games are renowned for being amazing Star Wars games they each have their own thing they do really well. Personally, I would like Jedi Fallen Order to be the Star Wars game we haven’t had yet. The game that does it all itself without needing to borrow mechanics from other games, with Respawn I really think we have the chance for that. It is to be noted that Respawn are yet to create a game that is an action-adventure game so it is unknown territory for them.

Latest Star Wars Game- No Lootboxes/micro transactions

Yep you heard that right. I think this is purely due to Respawn being the developer on the project more than EA having a change of heart but still it is good news. Now you will have those people that take the stand that this shouldn’t of been something anyway so using it as a selling point is hollow and wrong but lets not forget it isn’t EA who created micro-transactions or loot boxes and they especially weren’t the first developer to put certain parts of a game behind that pay wall. The fact is that these are now a part of everyday life in the gaming industry, wrong as it may be, but that’s the truth. I am yet to play a game this year that doesn’t have micro-transactions and lootboxes, the fact here is that EA are finally changing their practices and they acknowledge that they need to repair that bridge with its consumers.

EA have also noted that they will not be adding any of these into the game in the future, this game is purely a game for people who want to become a Jedi. What more could a Star Wars fan want? You will always get those people who will hate on any decision EA makes and that is the only negativity I am currently seeing for this game. Respawn have made it clear they have creative control over this game and EA seems to be actually listening to its studio for once, that along side the fact all DLC is free for Battlefield and Anthem, I think the tides of change are coming.

Single-Player only

I think it’s important to talk about this. Majority of EA games are multiplayer games with a tiny patch of single player added on. If you exclude Bad Company then DICE has never had a campaign worth remembering, all the sports games such as Madden and Fifa have dabbled in short single player parts. Many will say that multiplayer is used to help push those micro-transactions which I can see, ultimately multiplayer makes up the gaming industry today. Single player games have only had a handful of good games in the past few years, God of War and Spider-Man to say a few.

Bad Company was the last good EA single player game unlike any Star Wars Game.
Bad Company is one of very few games known for having both a great single player campaign and multiplayer.

So this shows the significance of this Star Wars game. EA are yet to have ultimate success with any Star Wars game they have released with the license, all of them being multiplayer focused. So not only are they cutting down the potential money they could take in for the sake of a great game but they are also trying to ensure that the game stands out as a Star Wars game. This tells me this games pure main focus is the story, it is entirely story driven and that is a nice change from EA.

Obviously we know all these differences to the usual practice could be purely due to it being Respawn who have put their foot down but if that is the case EA will surely see the success this game can and probably will become resulting in them taking up the more fair and acceptable practices in the future. I am beyond excited for this game, being a huge Star Wars fan I can’t wait to get stuck into this story. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our forums! Until then, May the Force be with you.. always!