Two of World of Warcraft’s biggest content creators, Preach Gaming and MadSeasonShow, are quitting Blizzard’s long-running MMO for greener pastures, though they each have different reasons for moving on.

In a new video titled “End of an Era – Why We’re No Longer Covering WoW,” Preach explained the channel’s decision to stop daily WoW coverage, citing both the recent California lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over the company’s alleged “frat boy” culture rife with sexual harassment and the state of WoW’s latest Shadowlands expansion. He says given recent allegations, and the response of Activision Blizzard leadership, he no longer feels comfortable promoting Blizzard’s game.

“That is essentially what happens, that is the relationship I hold with Blizzard with having a large audience,” Preach says. “We produce content, we check out content that is development. We get to see things a little bit earlier in order to get that out to you guys as a promotional tool. That’s how Blizzard sees it, and in return, we get to make fun content about a game we absolutely adore. I no longer feel comfortable doing that, at all.”

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Author Cameron Koch

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