So much of the magic of Zelda’s reinvention is visible in this single shrine

Yes, I am late to the new Zelda, but I am playing now and catching up on the sense of wonder and discovery that everybody else experienced back at the start of the year. I’ve just finished the fourth shrine in the Great Plateau region – for me it was the Owa Daim Shrine, where you undergo the Stasis Trial – and I realised that everything that is so new and startling, and yet so harmonious and deeply right about this new Zelda is present in microcosm in this single puzzle chamber. Oh, and I discovered the screenshot button too. So let’s take a look, eh?

Man, Breath of the Wild’s relationship with technology is fascinating. The Sheikah Slate you’re given at the start of the game is clearly magical, but it’s also clearly technology. It boots up, it has its own UI, and when you slot it into docks scattered around the environment it talks about ‘authenticating’ and all that Silicon Valley jazz. It would be easy enough to say that it’s an example of Clarke’s third law – that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – but then when you dock it in one of the game’s first four shrines, you see it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The docking station sits under stalactite that seems to have formed naturally. When the slate is downloading new information, this stalactite suddenly blossoms with lines of scrolling code. But the code is then delivered into the slate via a single droplet of dew that forms at the end of the stalactite. Magic, nature and technology come together: how brilliant.

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