Here we have another early access review as your gaming news for today, here on Caffeine Gaming!

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battleroyale game that was initially a mod for Arma 3. It then went into it’s own full fledged game in Steam Early Access to expand the maps, guns and a whole lot more. I don’t entirely agree with this choice, but that is my own personal quarrel.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is probably one of the most annoyingly good games I have played. It is fun, but not because the game is well made. It is fun because of what the players make it. Now I’m not saying it’s a loving community. After all, it is a PvP game, but what I’m saying is that my friends and I playing together have given me some of the most memorable moments in my gaming career. Times of panic and laughter, anger and pain, doubt and success. Those have all happened to me and have likely happened to you if you have ever played the game. Now, let me explain what I enjoy about PUBG before I state the negatives.


The game has a good sense of luck to it. You never know what you are going to find, and simply landing in the wrong area can either make or break a game. No matter where you land, you will never find the same loot twice. Finding cars is lucky, although they do have a few set locations that they spawn, it isn’t always certain that they will be there. The spawning is also amazing and has a nice sense of luck with it. Some players have specific spots that they enjoy. The plane doesn’t always pass over those areas and so people have to make do with what they get.

Another good thing that runs perfectly with the luck is the skill. A player won’t always win a firefight because he/she has the superior weapons. Skill is important. I have seen players single handily take out a team of players with a 9mm pistol. They all had assault rifles. It’s amazing that players can lose battles or win battles purely based off of their skill.


The map size is also quite reasonable. There is always a chance that you will drop alone, but there is also a chance that you will have a few others. Depending on the plane’s flight path people always have to change their drop zones. I understand that more maps are on their way and that should be amazingly fun, as more maps are always appreciated in games. I believe that ideally there should be around 4 maps that should be randomly chosen each time a game starts. That would allow for players to never have certain tactics that they can use for drop zones.

Now, enough of the good stuff and let’s balance this review out a bit. I severely dislike the optimization in the game. I understand it is pretty much the last priority on the developers list, but it is horrible. The game is constantly crashing, constantly lagging and a consistent frame rate isn’t something I could put on a list of features.

The game also has quite poor movement. Jumping over walls is horrible and the amount of times I have been stuck whilst trying to leap over an obstacle is well over 100. Jumping also feels a bit too much like gliding as opposed to a jump. The entire movement system feels clunky and in my opinion that should be amongst their top priorities.


There are also all the shenanigans of people being banned for stupid reasons. You shouldn’t have a permanent ban for a game which you have to spend $30 to buy. This game costs twice as much as CS:GO and CS:GO has a decent banning and warning system. CS:GO also doesn’t have clunky movement!

There are so many more things that frustrate me. The bugs, the melee which is pretty much a joke, the poor tick rate of the servers and even the fact that there is no functioning text chat in the game are only a few on the list. Please don’t forget that I do actually enjoy this game, but some of the issues it has really take away from the overall experience which could be perfected. For such a hefty price tag it doesn’t seem like it is worth it. I can’t tell people I whole heartedly recommend the game, as it would be a lie. The game has issues and I’m not going to tell people it doesn’t. I will say that it can be quite fun and that the game really is what you make it. But the tools that the game provides for it to be fun, simply aren’t refined enough for a solid recommendation from me. Hopefully as development progresses the game gets a lot better. Until then, my views stand as they are.

-Gregory Neale (X_Pilot)