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Cuphead is difficult. Phew. I’ve said it — we can all relax now. It’s a game that will test your patience more than your skill, though. By the time I reached the second world I’d died over 100 times. I’d had bouncing blue blobs laughing at me, potatoes revelling in my despair, and a woman-cum-blimp pointing out my inability to ground her. Developer StudioMDHR has created a Walt Disney nightmare, one where Steamboat Willie would end in the world’s most famous mouse steering the boat into an iceberg, changing the colour of the water to a deep shade of red in the process. And my God, it is beautiful.

Very few video games this year, or any other, look as incredible as Cuphead does. It aims to look like a cartoon from the 1930s, and does it so well that most onlookers would be forgiven for thinking it was a lost Looney Tunes short from the era. A menacing flower dances along to the beat, and a telepathic carrot rhythmically moves with the music, showcasing how faithful the developer has been in recreating the rubber hose limbs seen in those old animations from decades past. Every character and backdrop has been painstakingly hand-drawn, and the game is all the better for it. In action, it’s mesmerising. 

The big band swing that bellows out from your speakers hammers the look home even further. Percussion and brass are so intertwined it feels like you’re listening to a newly married couple engage in something you shouldn’t be privy to on their wedding night. Blush-inducing bass licks hold everything together, before shrill cymbal crashes make your heart jump with excitement. Rest is paramount, though, so that’s where the plodding overworld music, or the piano and hi-hat heavy soundtrack to Porkrind’s shop is a nice moment of pause. It’s nigh on perfect.

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Author – Colm Ahern

Original Post By – Video Gamer 

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