PUBG adds Event Seasons

In case you’re not aware here, at Caffeine Gaming, we are a fan of the Battle Royale genre and especially fond of PUBG, often streaming the game on our Twitch Channel. PUBG has been out for a considerable time now considering how rapid the video game industry can move from phase to phase and it has recently been getting some negativity. The main cause of this negativity is due to the game not having regular content updated and feeling a bit stale. People feel the developers are not listening to the community where as rivals like Fortnite seem to be doing everything right. Well update #15 was the biggest update ever for PUBG and now with update #16 things are really starting to change with an added Event Pass! PUBG adds Event Seasons.


The main thing that has to be mentioned is the new map that has been brought into the game, Sanhok. This new map is 4×4 which means it is about quarter the size of Miramar, PUBG Corp are hoping this will give an offering to players on a different way to play. It is intended to provide a faster and more intense game compared to the other 2 maps. In addition to the smaller size the maps bluezone is slower and can be outrun but it also dynamic meaning it will move based on the number of players remaining. On top of all this weather can change dynamically on the map as well. I personally think this makes an amazing addition to PUBG, like a breath of fresh air into the game after Miramar. The developers have mentioned a new map that is meant to bridge the gap between Miramar and Sanhok in size will come later this year.

PUBG adds Event Seasons
The new PUBG Map is 4×4, designed for quick and intense fights.

Event Seasons

After the new map PUBG Corp have decided to take a leaf out of their rivals book. The developers decided to to give players a way to complete challenges and win rewards and have named it Event Seasons. Working much like the way that Fortnite‘s Battle Pass works. Players have a choice of completing missions and challenges to earn EXP and win cosmetic rewards and crates. Currently we have the Sanhok Event Pass event on. Below are the different ways to earn EXP and rewards:

  • Daily Missions- These are designed to be quick and easy.
  • Normal Missions- These are typically number challenges such as dealing out so much damage, driving certain distances or playing on specific maps.
  • Weekly Challenges- The event will last for 4 weeks and each week they will be challenges to perform. These challenges are specific such as killing so many players with certain weapons or reaching the top 5, five times etc.
  • Sanhok Challenges- These challenges are directly and specifically for the Sanhok map and consist of specific challenges much like the weekly challenges but on the new map.

All these challenges mean you will earn EXP and as you level up in the Event you will unlock cosmetic items. You can unlock these items without purchasing the Event Pass (which is £7.50) but you will only own them until the season is over. To permanently own the cosmetics you need to purchase the Event Pass before the season is over. Below are photos of possible loot for the Sanhok event.

PUBG adds Event Seasons
Levels 1 to 10 for possible loot.
PUBG adds Event Seasons
Level 10 to 20 for possible rewards.
PUBG adds Event Seasons
Levels 20-30 for the possible loot.





They are some rules for the Event Seasons that its worth being aware of and they have recently been adjusted with the new update:

  • Daily Limit- They is a daily XP limit of 120.
  • Minimum Play Time- They is a minimum playtime for things to count towards mission progress which is now 2
  • minutes and to start acquiring XP which is now 2.5 Minutes.
  • XP Intervals- Previously players were granted 2 XP every 5 minutes but not players are granted 1 XP every 2.5 minutes.
  • Duo & Squads- Mission progress is updated when the team wins the game or
  • the whole team is eliminated.

Other Additions/Changes

On top of all this new added content they has also been a new crate added to the game, Aviator. This crate has some rather nice looking items in it, my favourite being the Violent Violet Jacket pictured below. The new update has introduced this crate to the ‘Random Crate’ selection and the overall chance of acquiring each Crate in ‘Random Crates’ has been altered.

PUBG adds Event Seasons
New loot from the Aviator Crate. The Violent Violet jacket is the far right.

Other changes that have been made with the new update are listed below:


  • Sound: The volume of Footsteps has increased
  • Performance: Optimised memory encryption mechanism to decrease lag.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where walking on thatched roofs on houses in Sanlok did not produce footsteps. Also fixed an issue where even under correct zeroing settings, the ADS aim point and actual bullet trajectory were slightly misaligned. This issue was most noticeable with the QBZ and crossbow.


Personally I am very excited to see these changes being made and seeing the developers adding this to the game. They needs to be more ways for players to play the game and I think eventually they will be a few maps for the game with a map selection hopefully meaning the player count will start increasing again. It seems the devlopers are finally listening to what players want and are trying to turn around the negative image that PUBG has now gained itself. One thing I will say as a player of the game on the Xbox, it is beginning to feel like the game is being forgotten about on Xbox. I know they will be different divisions working on different things but it seems issues that Xbox has had with the game from Day One are still there and need seriously resolving. All though it is important to remember that it is an early access game on Xbox.

I really hope these updates come to Xbox shortly as it makes me as excited as ever to play this game! Please let me know your opinion in the comments below or on our forums here! Thanks for your attention today and have a good day!