Released in 2013, Crytek’s PC free-to-play shooter Warface has found a passionate fanbase that’s been keeping up the game. Focusing on class-based gameplay, the online shooter has upped its scope by adding in new co-op missions, raids, competitive gameplay modes, esports events, and even jumping into the battle royale craze with its own take on the mode. But now, Warface will be making a return to consoles on PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

Announced back in June, the upcoming console ports of Warface will bring the same experience on PC to a new platforms. Set for full release on PS4 and Xbox One in September, fans and newcomers alike will be able to take on a suite of co-op and online multiplayer missions. Though Warface found its way to the Xbox 360 back in 2014–which was discontinued in 2015–the relaunch on new consoles will offer a slightly tweaked version of the PC release to fit the new platform, which includes aim-assist for controllers and a sleeker UI. During a recent hands-on session with the PS4 version, we had the chance to play through the game’s various modes and spoke with project manager Alex Shimov about Warface’s newest venture.

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“It was the right decision to bring it to consoles,” said Shimov. “We believe that Warface has strong potential on consoles, it can play just as well as the PC release. Going into it, we did a lot of research for gamepad controls, internal playtests, and we also consulted players to see what sort of things they wanted to see. We believe it will reach this great audience on consoles, in the west especially. It will be the next great step for the franchise.”

Focusing a squad of soldiers in a secret military organization, players will level up their four core classes–rifleman, engineer, medic, and sniper–gain resources to purchase gear, and complete special challenges. Along with a set of strike missions for up to 5 players–which takes you across different levels fighting rival PMCs, and even zombie-cyborgs–it also comes with the standard lineup of multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch, free-for-all, plant the bomb, and battle royale. Currently, Warface’s BR mode only allows for 16 players to fight it out on a large map–but the developers plan to up the player count to 32 sometime this September for all versions of the game.

With the launch of the ports, the developers have also made the decision to have each release be independent from one another, so no cross-play with other releases unfortunately. This was to prevent an unfair advantage for PC players with their mouse-keyboard setup, who will be playing against newcomers on consoles. As for the exact dates, the timing for the final release date in September hasn’t been revealed yet. However, the PS4 will launch with an early access period on August 14, with the Xbox One having its own sometime later.


Author Alessandro Fillari

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