Project Cars 2’s upgrades have a different focus on Xbox One X

Project Cars 2 on Xbox One X is an intriguing example of a developer looking to achieve across the board improvements as opposed to focusing on a boost to pixel count alone. Instead of putting all resources into pushing more pixels, what if game makers targeted the inclusion of more of PC’s higher-end features instead? The results are certainly much different to the lion’s share of the X upgrades we’ve tested to date, and while the improvement over base hardware is clearly substantial, we’re not sure the approach fully pays off.

First up, let’s recap on the Project Cars 2 experience as it stands on existing console platforms. Dynamic resolution scaling is the order of the day, allowing Slightly Mad Studios to focus resources on simulation still further by diverting GPU power away from raw pixel count alone when required, accommodating features like improved dynamic weather conditions. Perhaps predictably, Xbox One fares worst here, handing in what we measured as an 864p-900p resolution window. PS4 retains the same lower bounds, but pushes higher to a max 1080p, offering more refinement and performance across the run of play.

PlayStation 4 Pro is the clear winner though, retaining the visual feature set of the base game but running it with a 1360p-1440p range – and on top of that, there’s a big performance upgrade compared to base hardware, with only the most intensive scenes causing the game to shift from its target 60fps. The presentation isn’t really clean enough to pass muster on a 4K screen, and though opinion may vary on this, we reckon 1080p display users get the better deal: smoother performance over base hardware, plus downsampling to improve anti-aliasing quality.

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