Prey’s first hour tested on PS4 and Xbox One

Prey’s first hour tested on PS4 and Xbox One

Scheduled for release next week, Bethesda recently released a demo version of its new take on Prey, effectively giving you the chance to sample the first hour of the full game. After development stalled on a sequel to the original game, Prey was rebooted from scratch by Arkane Austin – and what we have here is a new take on the formula made popular by System Shock and BioShock. The revamp also brings with it new technology – specifically CryEngine – a surprising choice bearing in mind the success enjoyed by Bethesda with its own proprietary idTech and Void engines.

CryEngine is a powerful platform but its history on consoles has not always been especially positive. Evolve worked out fine overall, but other titles have suffered from fluctuating frame-rates, long loading times or both. Generally speaking, we would see beautiful things from the engine running on PC, but the tech didn’t seem to scale especially well to the consoles, whether we’re talking about PS4 or Xbox One.

However, after spending some time with Prey, we came away impressed with how CryEngine is utilised, and the performance delivered here is solid. To be clear though, Prey’s charms lies in its game design and visually it feels a touch dated at times (though remember – we are only looking at the beginning of the game) but it offers very large maps to explore backed up by some solid art design. It’s a game that looks and feels like no other CryEngine title we’ve seen before, and it looks and runs well on both consoles. We have the standard rendering split here – it’s 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 900p on Xbox One.

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