Prey was a flawed FPS with ideas worth remembering

Prey was a flawed FPS with ideas worth remembering

What a curious legacy Prey has left behind. This ‘franchise’ (imagine airquotes the size of skyscrapers) has been in existence for two decades, resulting in one single game. There are stormtroopers with better hit rates than that. In fact, up to this point Prey is probably better known for the games that never happened than the one which eventually did.

The original Prey took a decade to develop, going through numerous iterations and engines before stumbling onto shelves in 2006. There was supposed to be a sequel, and it looked fantastic. A conceptual head-on collision between Mirror’s Edge and Blade Runner, Prey 2 was set in an open-world, neon-soaked alien megacity. It’s an idea that still excites me, not that I’m still mourning it cancellation. It’s only been, what, six years? *sniff*.

As for the game Human Head Studios produced, frankly, I’ve barely thought about it in the last decade. I remember that it had portals like Portal, only you couldn’t do anything with them and so they were basically just doors. And the main character was a Cherokee fella who hated being Cherokee so much he refuses to acknowledge his heritage even when his dead grandad gives him a ghost eagle and the secret to immortality. Oh and it doors that look like bumholes, because video games.

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