Preview: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite preview: Capcom is really going after those new Marvel fans

Preview: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite preview: Capcom is really going after those new Marvel fans


Marvel, yeah? It's huge. It's a massive thing. Not even the comics, mainstream audiences are just in love with the movie heroes. With the Chrises, both Evans, Hemsworth, and that Pratt one who seems alright but says weird things about hunting animals. The last time a Marvel vs. Capcom game came out it was 2012, which was the same year the first Avengers movie released. There is, potentially, a hugely increased market for a video game that has Captain America anywhere on the box. But these people will not necessarily be au fait with fighting games, and that's an angle Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is aware of.

In that sense I was very well placed to road test the game: I like the films and read a bunch of the comics, so I was pleased seeing some of the little touches. Hawkeye is not an also-ran hero in MvCI, he's actually a bit of a motherfucker with ranged attacks, and reminded me of the Hawkeye from the acclaimed run of his comics written by Matt Fraction. He calls Captain Marvel by her first name, Carol. Captain America will, hilariously, sometimes scream 'FOR PEEEEEEEACE!' when hitting someone really hard with his shield. I liked all that.

To lower the barrier for entry, in the hope that Marvel fans will  step over it and enjoy the game, Capcom has introduced some simpler control concepts. Things like hammering punch sending the character into a ground-to-air combo, a universal manual input that's the same across all characters, and an easy ultimate attack, are all designed to show fighting novices what kind of stuff they'll be able to pull off, and make them feel kind of cool. It does, broadly speaking, work. I felt like I was still achieving something, and started to get a feel for different combinations. I could figure out what inputs resulted in which attacks, without feeling embarrassed for trying, and these kinds of configurations will potentially make the game more accessible to all kinds of players, not just Marvel fans.

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Author – Alice Bell

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