Some Pokemon thrive on jumping right into battle and dealing as much damage as they can. Others prefer to stand on the sidelines, offering support through stat boosts, healing, and other perks while disrupting the opponents’ plans. If the latter is more your style, the Supporter type in Pokemon Unite is for you. These Pokemon aren’t focused on KOs and goals as much as they are on making sure their allies stay strong and healthy as the match progresses. The Supporter type is a unique but rewarding way to play, so check out our tips on how to be the best ally you can be.


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Supporter classes take time to get used to, but Eldegoss is a terrific beginner’s support. Its Synthesis and Pollen Puff moves are fantastic for healing, while the Cotton Spore makes for a great disruption move later in the game. Leaf Tornado is available to Eldegoss if it needs to deal some damage, and the aforementioned Pollen Puff does damage opponents while healing, but this Pokemon is much better off lingering behind and waiting for an opportunity. Supporters are never meant to charge headlong into battle, preferring to stay behind while healing and waiting for the right time to drop that one disruptive move. For Eldegoss, it has plenty of moves in its arsenal to be that disruption.

Role: Supporter

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