Pokemon Unite has launched on Nintendo Switch, once again using the familiar pocket monster characters to explore a new genre. This time it’s the MOBA, which has spawned a popular competitive esports scene for games like League of Legends and Dota 2. Pokemon Unite is a more accessible take on the genre, and as a F2P game it includes a large roster of characters to collect and plenty of cosmetics to keep you occupied. Here’s how the various currencies work, and how much you can expect to unlock by paying in.

Earning Your First Pokemon Unite Licenses

Character unlocks in Pokemon Unite are handled by purchasing licenses, which then give you the option of taking that Pokemon into the arena from that point on. After some short introductory segments you’ll get to choose your first Novice Pokemon license for free. These offer a decent variety between support like Eldegoss, defense like Snorlax, and different types of attackers like Pikachu, Charizard, and Talonflame.

After that you can claim a few others as bonuses. Zeraora is available for free as a launch bonus through August 31. Slowbro can be unlocked by completing some of the earliest challenges, and Venusaur is awarded by reaching character level 4. So after just an hour or two, you’ll have access to your chosen starter, the ranged attacker Venusaur, the ranged defender Slowbro, and the melee speedster Zeraora. Licenses for Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, and Greninja are all login bonuses in the “14-day Welcome Gifts” menu.

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