Pokemon has been a huge part of pop culture ever since its release in the 90’s, originating as games and developing into many TV series/Movies, we all remember the days of playing the trading card game. It was the very definition of the nineties evolving into the noughties. This article is going to talk through the latest additions to the Pokemon world in the near future and distant future. So let’s dive straight in.


Pokemon: Lets go!

If you were watching the Nintendo show at E3 this year then you will of seen the announcement of Pokemon: Lets Go! The first ‘proper’ Pokemon game to come to Switch. Ever since Nintendo revealed the Switch people have been expecting a typical Pokemon game to be released on it with some even requesting that the games from the 3DS be playable on the Switch. Nintendo’s answer was Lets Go! Which is basically a remaster of Pokemon Yellow, the game looks very exciting for a first proper release on Switch with the world looking amazing in the console graphics. As is normal with Pokemon games they are 2 editions, Lets Go Pikachu! and Lets Go Eevee!. Since it is a remake of Yellow then the edition you choose will be the Pokemon that hops around on your shoulder, so if you pick Pikachu then you’ll have a little Pikachu following you and Eevee with that edition. On top of this you can also have a buddy Pokemon that runs around with you (you can check that video out below, just ignore Venusaurs hopping).

Nintendo have also announced a new controller to go along side the new game, as is normal with Nintendo it is designed to allow you to feel more into the game, with this in mind the new controller is a Pokeball. The Pokeball allows you to feel like you are throwing and capturing the Pokemon yourself. It is a lovely addition to work along side the game. To finally finish off the amazing new game it was announced the game would work with Pokemon Go, you could transfer Pokemon you find in the mobile game into the console version of Lets Go!.

2 New Pokemon Games
Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee.. who will you choose?
New Pokeball controller
Pokeball Plus for Pokemon Lets Go!

Pokemon RPG

Months before Nintendo’s E3 event they were massive rumours about a new open world RPG Pokemon game that will be the first of a new series of games on Nintendo Switch. When Lets Go! Was announced many fans felt disappointment as a open world RPG sounded beyond exciting but maybe a dream unobtainable at the moment in time. That was until Nintendo announced that they was in fact an open world RPG game in the works and would be released in 2019. The most exciting thing about this news is that this means they will be a completely new game series set in a genre that is yet to be explored by Pokemon. The excitement is unreal!


Pokemon Quest

Quest is a free to play action adventure game that was released for the Switch in May 2018. It has a graphicalstyle similar to Minecraft. In the game you control a base camp and have to battle wild pokemon, completing levels as you go. You can attract new ones by creating food dishes, the rarer the ingredients used then the rarer the Pokemon that come. There’s 4 parts to the game base camp management, going on expeditions, training and optimizing Pokemon and attracting new ones. It is a nice causal game to pick up but far from memorable.

Pokemon Quest
Pokemon Quest has a cuboid shape to it much like Minecraft.
Pokedex for Pokemon Quest
It wouldn’t be Pokemon without trying to catch them all!

Pokken Tournment

This was the first Pokemon game to be released on the Switch. Think of Tekken with Pokemon and you have Pokken Tournament. The game reminds me of Pokemon Stadium on the N64 (a game I seriously enjoyed). It was originally released for Japan’s arcades but an enhanced port was soon made for Switch. It uses the same basis as fighting games but is designed to be more based on action than technical play to allow the game to be easily picked up by casual players as well as hardcore players. The game is a decent attempt at involving the series in a different genre but it still leaves us longing for that open world RPG game.

Pokken Tournament!
Take on Pokemon in Pokken Tournament!

Unnamed Switch Titles

Amazon are amazing at putting up posts for new games that have yet to be official announced (not that were complaining) and one eagle eyed Twitter user noticed and managed to screen shot the most recent slip up from Amazon. They were several listings of Nintendo Switch titles at the recent Switch event with up to 30 titles announced, 2 of these titles were Pokemon titles with Nintendo 3DS in brackets.

List of Pokemon Games.
New Pokemon Untitled Games for the Switch.

This could mean many different things with most fans thinking it is a direct port of a 3DS game, whilst this is understandable I am unsure mainly because one is title 23 and the other is title 30 surely if they were released 3DS games they would be 23 and 24 retrospectively? Such as Red and Blue. Others believe they are two completely unique titles yet to be released on both, personally I can’t see this since Nintendo announced they were moving on from the series on the DS as they feel they have reached the end of how far they can push the software.


For a while fans have felt that Nintendo need to massively shake up the series since it has felt pretty stagnant for a few years now. Luckily they seem to of taken the advice on board, much like they have done with Mario and Zelda in their most recent game adaptions. Clearly it is a very exciting time to be a Pokemon fan and personally I can’t wait for the new RPG game. As always I am eager to know your opinions below or in our forums here.