Pokemon Go developer Niantic is doing things a little differently for the game’s August Community Day. The event will be held across two days rather than the usual one, from August 14-15, and it features a Pokemon that has already starred in a previous Community Day: Eevee. Despite this, there will be some new event moves and other bonuses during the event, including an easier way to get Sylveon. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s August 2021 Community Day event.

August 2021 Featured Pokemon: Eevee


Eevee is the star of August’s Community Day. The Evolution Pokemon will appear in the wild more frequently than usual throughout both days of the event, making it easier to stock up on Eevee Candy. On top of that, Niantic will roll out a paid Special Research story revolving around Eevee called What You Choose to Be. The Special Research costs $1 USD to access and offers more chances to catch Eevee and earn other rewards.

Thanks to the increased wild Eevee spawns, you’ll also have a better chance of encountering Shiny Eevee during the event, making this a great opportunity to add some Shiny Eevee evolutions to your collection. Shiny Pokemon are normally fairly rare, but you’ll increase your chances to find a Shiny Eevee by using Incense during August’s Community Day.

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