PlayerUnknown: The glory of a gaming chemistry set

In the days before it was decided that open world games should be called open world games, they were called all kinds of things. Things like sandbox games, or toybox games.

My favourite suggestion, and one that was simply never ever going to fly, came from Edge magazine. Games that unfolded in large environments, that featured a number of linked and unlinked systems, and that afforded players a great deal of scope in terms of the things they might choose to do, could be called chemistry set games. Chemistry set games. What a lovely idea. And how very Edge of a certain era.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is, I am now pretty certain, a chemistry set game. It is a game designed around the idea of experimentation. To play it is to tinker, to evolve and discard strategies, to test and refine theories. You may look like a soldier on the screen – or, okay, a member of some kind of militia – but behind the mouse and keyboard if you aren’t wearing a labcoat at least part of the time, you’re sunk.

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