Patrice Desilets shows pre-alpha Ancestors: A Humankind Odyssey footage

Patrice Desilets showed in-game footage of his new human evolution game Ancestors: A Humankind Odyssey on stage at Reboot Develop 2018 today. The presentation was shown off-stream and wasn’t to be videoed or captured. It was a pilot for experiences in the game, and was a pre-alpha build.

It began with a vulture flying over an African jungle, then went down to the floor as we saw the ape player run, climb, jump and swing through it. Trees were scaled quickly and effortlessly, and long distances could be jumped. The ape shot up a tree and grabbed a coconut in the blink of an eye.

We also saw the dangers the jungle presented. In one scene an ape was attacked and eaten, quite brutally, by a crocodile in the water. And then the crocodile was pounced upon by a kind of long-toothed big cat – something that looked a bit like a sabretooth panther. And then the big cat was caught and wrapped around by a huge kind of boa constrictor or anaconda snake.

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