Pac-Man developed his insatiable appetite for dots 40 years ago. Remarkably, he’s still hungry to this day and generations of fans have indulged Pac-Man ever since. There have been plenty of variations on Pac-Man gameplay–some good, others quite bad. The original version still holds up today, and if you’re looking for a neat new way to recapture nostalgia for the iconic game, a 40th anniversary arcade cabinet from Bandai Namco and Numskull Designs is up for pre-order.

Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade | $130-$300

A limited-edition version signed by the creator of Pac-Man is limited to 256 units
A limited-edition version signed by the creator of Pac-Man is limited to 256 units

The 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade costs $120 and comes in at 16.92 x 8.27 x 6.3 inches, which makes it closer to the dimensions of a countertop machine. Made with a replica wooden shell and complete with a light-up marquee, all of the original buttons, and joystick, the cabinet has a vibrant design that really stands out. It also has a 40th anniversary logo on the front. The Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade is available to pre-order from the Geek Store, with orders expected to ship in July.

If you’re a huge Pac-Man fan, you can pre-order the $300 limited edition, which is signed by Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani. Only 256 units will be made, so the limited-edition is definitely a collector’s item that will likely sell out quickly.

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