So Overwatch has been out for a while now, released back in May 2016 by Blizzard. It has been an absolutely massive success and is backed up by frequent content drops and events. Currently they is an event taking place named ‘Year of the Dog’ with a lunar theme, through this event you can win legendary skins for the characters through the loot boxes.

This event has meant Overwatch has now had a rush of new players so I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of the characters that are good to play as for new comers from each playable class.

So lets crack on..



Basically a kick ass ninja and quite possibly the best offensive character in the right hands.


Shuriken (Throws three throwing stars either in a wide spread or quick succession)

Deflect (Reflect incoming projectiles with a sword and send them back)

Swift Strike (Dart forward and slash through players with the sword, killing someone with this ability allows it to be used instantly again)

Dragon Blade (Uses Katana to deal killing blows to enemies near by)


I often state Genji is the bane of my life, in the right hands he is vital to victory. I would strongly recommend straying away from playing as him to begin with but i have included him in this list because I personally believe he is the character you should aim towards being able to master. I find him the most difficult to play as, he is extremely mobile and can climb walls. His mobility and close range abilities means he is only effective in close range. Once you have mastered this character you have mastered Overwatch in my opinion.

Genji Overwatch Offense


Basically a cowboy with a revolver.


Peace Keeper (Six-Shooter revolver, fire off a round or fan the hammer to unload the cylinder)

Combat Roll (Dives in the direction he’s moving, effortlessly reloading his revolver in the process)

Flash Bang (Throw a flash bang grenade that explodes and staggers enemies in a small radius)

Dead Eye (Takes a few seconds to aim and then shoots all enemies in line of sight instantly killing them. The weaker they are the faster they line up a kill shot)

Opinion: McCree is a pretty straight forward hero to use just keep enemies at range and once you get use to the revolver you will be raking kills in. I would say McCree is a go to starting character, hes the first one I used.

Mccree Overwatch Offense


Basically a human jet with rockets.


Rocket Launcher (Again self-explanatory, rockets that cause significant damage in a wide blast radius)

Jump Jet (Use the suits thrusters to propel into the air)

Concussive Blast (Wrist rocket that knocks back any enemy it hits)

Barrage (Rain down hell! Launch a continuous salvo of mini- rockets)

Opinion: Pharah is a fairly easy hero to use, with only a 1/3 star difficulty rating she should be a go to hero for you to play as. Once you get use to using the controls to fly with her you can dominate.

Pharah Overwatch Offense

Soldier: 76

Basically a soldier with an assault rifle. The go to hero for newbies.


Heavy Pulse Rifle (Perfect for medium range, assault rifle with good stability)

Helix Rockets (Small rockets that spiral out in a single burst causing splash damage)

Sprint (As self explanatory as it gets, Soldier: 76 can sprint, effectively as well)

Biotic Field (An energy projection that restores his and his allies health)

Tactical Visor (Lock onto enemies closest to the crosshairs, can kill targets in quick succession)

Opinion: Soldier: 76 is arguably the easiest hero to control. He’s simple and is you keep enemies at medium range you will dominate. Use his biotic field smartly. This should be the hero you try first.

Soldier 76 Overwatch Offense



Basically an adorable robot with a pet bird on his shoulder.


Configuration: Recon (Fully mobile with a submachine gun for medium range)

Confugration: Sentry (Basically a sentry turret with a huge gattling gun, becuase why not)

Reconfigure (Transform between its two primary combat modes to adapt to battlefield conditions)

Self-Repair (Restores health, can’t fire weapons whilst doing this)

Configuration: Tank (If a huge gattling gun was not enough, become a fully mobile tank! Only for a limited time)

Opinion: They is a running theme in the Overwatch community where basically if you want to win you play as Bastion. He is as straight forward to play with as Soldier: 76. If you balance the configurations well then you can last an entire game without dying using self-repair.

Bastion Overwatch Defense


A kick ass sniper that can also fire in fully automatic mode for closer encounters.


Widow’s Kiss (At long range use the sniper, for medium range use the fully-automatic mode)

Grappling Hook (A hook that allows her to climb surfaces very quickly to flank or flee)

Venom Mine (A mine that sticks to pretty much any surface, motion triggered delivering poison gas)

Infra-Sight (Recon visor that allows her and her allies to see heat signatures of her targets through walls and objects)

Opinion: I am including Widow Maker purely for the people who enjoy using snipers (The other sniper on the game is frankly poo). She has a 2/3 difficulty rating so may take some getting use to but you’ve quick scoped on CoD, you’ve got this right?

Widowmaker Overwatch Defense



A hero taken straight out of Mad Max to cause havoc at close range


Scrap Gun (Fire short ranged blasts of shrapnel or a launch a shrapnel ball that detonates. So Shotgun or Grenade Launcher basically)

Take A Breather (Chug some kind of luquid to recover health)

Chain Hook (Hurls a chain to yank a target closer to him)

Whole Hog (This ultimate basically changes his scrap gun to a scrap gattling gun, knocking enemies back)

Opinion: Again a very easy character to play as although only effective at close range. Use the healing ability smartly and you can get close and personal in every occasion.

Road hog Overwatch Tank


A power charged knight looking to cause some damage.


Rocket Hammer (A huge hammer dealing massive damage in a large arc. Basically a Gravity Hammer from Halo without the Boom).

Barrier Field (Projects a protection barrier in front of him which can take substantial damage. Can not attack whilst using this)

Charge (Charges in a straight line forward and knock enemies aside, if hitting a wall with an enemy it will cause extreme damage because you know.. its a wall)

Fire Strike (Whipping his hammer he can sling a flaming projectile which damages any enemy it touches)

Earth Shatter (Slams the rocket hammer into the ground, knowing down and damaging all enemies in front of him)

Opinion: Reinhardt is a very effective close range hero but he can also be more effective at supporting allies. His barrier field can protect the entire team as you move forward.

Reinhardt Overwatch Tank



A hip-hop dude with a passion for sharing his tunage.


Sonic Amplifier (A weapon that fires sonic projectiles or blasts of sound)

Cross Fade (A passive ability that energizes himself and allies in range. Switch between 2 songs. One amplifies movement speed whilst the other regenrates health)

Amp It Up (Increase the volume of the songs increasing the effects)

Sound Barrier (Protective waves radiate from the sonic amplifier giving personal shields to him and his close allies)

Opinion; If you stick with your squad you will find it easy getting use to Lucio. His sonic amplifier is effective and easy to handle for newbies and his amplified movement speed usually means team mates stick with you.

Lucio Overwatch Support


The guardian angel of the battlefield.


Caduceus Staff (Use one of two beams to connect to an ally. One restores health and the other increases the amount of damage they deal)

Caduceus Blaster (Basically a pistol. Pew Pew.)

Guardian Angel (Fly towards a targeted ally very quickly, effective when there nearly dead)

Resurrect (Defy the mighty one and bring back a dead ally to full health)

Angelic Descent (Uses her Valkyrie suit to slow the speed of decent from great heights. You know because Splat)

Valkyrie (Gain the ability to fly and abilities are enhanced. Basically you became an actual angel)

Opinion: Mercy is the only hero completely focused on support and healing allies. In the right hands she will ensure victory but be ready for constant spams of ‘I need healing’, ‘heal me immediately’ even after you’ve literally just done that exact thing. You never know you might get a thank you.

Mercy Overwatch Support

And that brings me to the end. Whilst they are many heroes to play as on Overwatch these handful are perfect for new comers to the game. I would say get use to the game and how it works with one or two of these heroes then move up to harder to play heroes, whilst Overwatch is a very fun game using a very difficult character from day one can result in many many deaths and you loosing interest in the game.

Be sure to let me know your opinion on all the heroes below in the comments or on our Forums here! Thank you for stopping by! Now go forth, eliminate many and show no mercy! (Unless you know you are Mercy).