Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Following Nvidia releasing the RTX 20 series cards, many speculations and rumours have surfaced about the future of Nvidia’s old but yet still powerful 10 series cards. The major rumour about these cards is the report that the newly released GeForce Experience game ready drivers have slowed down the performance of the cards. Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series cards.

What Nvidia is Nerfing the 10 Series cards?!

After Nvidia released the game ready driver (411.63) many users reported that their 10 series cards were under performing, producing lower FPS than before. Numerous websites and YouTube channels released videos on the reported “gimping” of the cards. The Results tallied the reports, displaying that the GTX 1060, GTX 1080 and GTX 1080ti are mainly affected; showing FPS drops in common AAA titles that were not present before.

Benchmarks of the new drivers compared to the old drivers:

Nvidia Nerfing 10 SeriesNvidia Nerfing 10 Series

Nvidia Nerfing 10 Series
Graphics Card: GTX 1080ti Benchmark credits: “UFD Tech”

I am affected by this and angry!

Now, before you go and smash your computer to pieces due to you updating your drivers, be aware that the FPS drops are marginal and are between 2 to 8 FPS lower than what you may have gotten before you updated to the 411.63 driver. Some games also do not show any signs of dropped frames.

So why is Nvidia Nerfing the 10 Series cards?

Many people suggest that this is to boost sales of Nvidia’s RTX 20 series cards, as users will want to upgrade due to the lack of performance. This can also be said about the graphics cards that have fallen victim to this. In other words, Nvidia has strategically slowed down theses selected cards to encourage users to upgrade to the new 20 series. This can be seen as malarkey from Nvidia’s side, as they are using drivers to slow down performance instead of increasing and optimising performance.

Anything Being done to fix it?

Nvidia has tried to quickly combat the performance issue, releasing the 411.70 game ready drivers. However the FPS drops are still present, some games have increased in FPS but are still not reaching the averages achieved before the issue started. Hopefully the issue will be fully resolved in the near future.

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