Nostalgia is deadlier than any zombie in the Resident Evil 2 remake

AVclub: “Theres a nifty throwaway feature in Capcoms brand-new remake of the survival-horror classic Resident Evil 2. At any point throughout the campaign, you can go to the settings menu and toggle to the original games audio. Not the exact same audio, of coursetheres no way to make the monsters sound like they did in 1998, nor has anyone painstakingly dubbed the old and famously stilted dialogue (Sorry, but it looks like your party has been canceled) into the new cutscenes. But switching on this sonic way-back machine does revert many of the basic sound effects to their 20-year-old glory. Typewriters log your save game with a familiar clickety clack. Item boxes creakily groan open, just as they did on the PlayStation 1. Rifling through your inventory will emit an old-school, oddly comforting plink plink plink. And then theres the music. For a real Pavlovian rush, switch on the throwback audio right before first stepping into the main hall of the games primary location,…

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