News: You’ll definitely see more footage of Crackdown 3 at gamescom 2017

News: You’ll definitely see more footage of Crackdown 3 at gamescom 2017


Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has confirmed that more Crackdown 3 footage is on the way. Writing on Twitter, Spencer said the game will have a ‘good demo’ at Gamescom 2017. His comment was a response to a question about Crackdown 3’s use of cloud-compute technology in the game's multiplayer, which  is said to require four times more bandwidth than a regular multiplayer game. 

According to some reports, Crackdown 3 didn’t fare too well during the game’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, as apparently the celebs playing the game weren’t very good. Spencer said he’d seen the panel, and he’s promised that the gamescom showing will be much better. He also defended the celebs playing the game, saying it’s ‘unfair to judge people who don't play all the time’. Fair point that, Phillip, good on you.

It’s not too long now until Crackdown 3 comes out. As an Xbox One X launch title, the highly anticipated game will be one of the first titles to demonstrate the power of the new console.

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Author – Chris Hallam

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