News: War Thunder unleashes the Chronicles of World War II in-game event


Gaijin Entertainment has announced that dog fighting and tank-busting MMO War Thunder is launching a series of in-game events recreating some of the most crucial battles of the Second World War.

The Chronicles of World War II will run just beyond the commemoration of Victory Day in mid-May, and offers more than 40 major battles to take part in, kicking off with the invasion of Russia by the Germany army in 1941 through to 1945's Battle for Berlin. Furthermore, players can obtain four new vehicles during this time, namely the USA's T18E2 armoured car, France's 155 MLE.50 tank destroyer, Great Britain's Whirlwind P9 attacker, and the USSR's Tandem multi-purpose fighter. 

War Thunder will take flight with six new events every day, each one available in all difficultly flavours, while players will also be able to get their paws on exclusive decals and decorations while the event takes place. 

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Author – Mike Harradence

Original Post By – Video Gamer 

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