News: The Nintendo Switch RiME: Collector’s Edition has been listed on Amazon Spain

News: The Nintendo Switch RiME: Collector’s Edition has been listed on Amazon Spain


Tequila Works' latest release, RiME, has been out for a wee while now on PS4 and Xbox, and while the Nintendo Switch version is still in the works, it currently has no sign of an official release date other than a vague Q3 release window. Amazon Spain, however, has now listed the Collector’s Edition for RiME on its website.

The RiME: Collector’s Edition on Nintendo Switch has been listed as coming with an artbook, soundtrack, map and deluxe packaging. The physical copy of RiME was previously announced to be £10 more on the Nintendo Switch than PS4 and Xbox One, which caused a bit of a palaver with folks seeing it as a ‘Switch Tax’. The developers responded to this by announcing that the physical copy of the game would come with a soundtrack, and the digital copy of the game would be reduced by £10, bringing it in-line with the PS4 and Xbox One versions. 

RiME is about a young child who wakes up on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off the coast. Throughout the game, the player has to use light, sound, perspective and time to progress. RiME is inspired by the architecture and geometry of the mediterranean coast, with bright and vibrant colours. It has been received well by critics, and our Colm Ahern also quite liked it, particularly enjoying the visuals and the soundtrack.

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Author – Chris Hallam

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