News: In the Dishonored: Death of the Outside launch trailer Billie is silent, and oh so violent


Bethesda has released the launch trailer for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The standalone expansion to the Dishonored series comes out tomorrow. Players get a last look at the busy assassin Billie Lurk twirling her blades, going to town on some poor folks (who were probably asking for it, to be fair) on her way to get rid of the Outsider. 

Death of the Outsider brings players back to the capital city of the Empire of the Isles, with players taking control of Lurk as she reunites with her mentor Daud. Players will make their way into the darkest corners of Karnaca, traversing across intricately designed levels, and dispatching foes with the brutal combat system.

As players make their way through the game, they can take on contracts during missions, finding and eliminating optional targets and striving ‘to become the ultimate assassin’. Players will have to utilise Lurk’s unique set of skills, supernatural abilities, tasty weapons, and fancy gear, further empowering her as she fights to take back control of the Empire of the Isles from The Outsider, once and for all.

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Author – Chris Hallam

Original Post By – Video Gamer 

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