News: American McGee is working on a proposal for Alice 3, after telling us to stop asking about Alice 3


Back in mid July, not even two months ago, American McGee wrote a blog post asking people to please stop asking him when 'Alice 3' was coming out, because EA owns the title and 'we simply need to wait until EA think the time is right.' This weekend American McGee wrote a blog post saying he was working on a 'proposal' for Alice 3, called Alice: Asylum.

American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns were beautifully odd (if a little flawed) action platformers with a big cult following. Madness Returns came out in 2011, and I liked it because the protagonist has the same name as my name. Also because it has some lovely design.

Though the Kickstarter for McGee's tabletop card game Out of the Woods was a success, it seems, just as Arthur Conan Doyle did when he brought Sherlock Holmes back from the dead after almost a decade of people going on about it, that McGee has bowed to public pressure — or is tired of waiting on EA, anyway.

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Author – Alice Bell

Original Post By – Video Gamer 

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