Halo 5 came out almost three years ago, but the community is sticking with the game and continuing to create astounding maps using the game’s Forge tools. The latest example is a scale recreation of the Titanic from user C0naN 0007. The map was spotlighted by Brusky and the Halo Spark Forge Network, and brought to our attention by Halo developer 343.

This is an aesthetic map, so it was made to be great to look at and not necessarily the best for gameplay. Impressively, it is appropriately scaled to the size of Spartans, and there is an impressive attention paid to details like smokestacks and rails and more. Check it out:

This map caught the attention of Halo developer 343, which highlighted the creation as part of the studio’s latest weekly blog post. You can grab the map for yourself by following C0naN 0007 in Halo 5, and selecting the map from their list of creations.

There have been SO MANY incredible Forge creations in Halo 5 over the years, including Star Wars podracing, a “clogged toilet” mode where you kill zombie poop, and Quidditch.

Halo 6 is on the way, and we sure hope it brings back Forge mode and beefs it up further with even more features and functionality. Microsoft has confirmed a new Halo game is in development, and while an E3 reveal is potentially possible, nothing is confirmed yet.


Author Eddie Makuch

Original Post by GameSpot

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