Monster Hunter Rise‘s version 3.2.0 update is now live on Nintendo Switch. This patch introduces the second Capcom Collab Event Quest and makes numerous other bug fixes and adjustments to the online RPG.

The aforementioned Event Quest will be available starting July 30 and is an Okami crossover. After completing the quest, you’ll be able to use the materials you earned to forge a set of layered Palamute armor based on Okami’s protagonist, Amaterasu. As Capcom detailed on the official Monster Hunter website, your Ammy Palamute will wield one of each type of the three Divine Instruments–a Reflector, a Rosary, and a Glaive–and the effects that trail will change depending on the surrounding environment. You can see some screenshots of the Okami layered armor below.

Ammy layered Palamute armor
Ammy layered Palamute armor

Beyond that, the version 3.2.0 update primarily addresses a swathe of bugs and other issues in the game, including one that caused Teostra’s dust to remain on screen even after the monster was defeated, and another that would cause the controls to stop working in certain circumstances when ordering a Motley Mix. The update also introduces Arabic language support and a new slate of cosmetic DLC, which can be purchased through the eShop. You can read the full patch notes below.

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