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Today’s article is going to cover one of the most interesting Twitch stream friendly game I’ve seen in ages! Shockingly, Modlands isn’t in Steam Early Access,however, the game is in early access on Patreon! So what is Modlands?

Modlands is a game in which you construct a world and manage the people, structures, machines, and life! The game features in-depth Twitch integration which allows for viewers to have their own little avatar in the game. Viewers may change their name, hair colour, facial expression, job and more simply by entering a command into the chat!

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I’ve had a few hours to mess around with the game and experience the integration first hand and I’m honestly blown away by how fun the game is! My stream was quite small with a mere 5 viewers interacting with the game, but they each had unique characters, each was doing a different job and they all helped me develop my world! Although viewers didn’t have full control over the characters that they had created, they still found the stream very engaging and fun!

The game also featured really nice and simple graphics that just work well with the gameplay. The characters were simple, and the animations are adorable. The animals were really adorable too as they hopped around the map. The functionality of the game really complimented a lot of the aesthetic elements. For instance, when making a pie farm, the apple trees and the conveyor belts looked in place and the scale of the fruit (although half the size of the characters), did not look out of place.

As this game is still in development, there isn’t much I can say that is negative. Everything that is currently in the latest build feels really nice and works. My only complaint is that there is enough to do yet. A load of content needs to be added, for me to say the game is close to flawless. I’d love to see more fruit, maybe some more jobs and more interaction between the characters and the animations. The Twitch commands are awesome, however, I’m sure there are a few things that could be done to bring the viewers even closer to the experience of playing the game. It would be interesting if viewers could command their avatar to interact with another avatar to form a sort of relationship and have them work more efficiently with each other.

As a whole, the game is amazing in its current state. It’s only going to get better and become more fleshed out as development continues! I cannot wait to see what TripleJumpGames has up their sleeves for the future of this adorable game! I personally love this game and will be keeping a close eye on it as it continues to develop!

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Gregory Neale (X_Pilot)