So unless you have been living under a rock recently then you will know the gaming world has been taken over by the Battle Royale genre, with PUBG and Fortnite being the most watched games on Twitch and Mixer. Personally I think it can only mean good things for the gaming community and I really hope it isn’t a craze and stays for good. Due to the massive success on the PC and consoles it seems that Battle Royale has made a push for the mobile phone platform which is a bold move. The games typically require a lot of constant input with the controls so I thought it would be rather interesting to see how the game devs overcome this. I have only tried the 2 biggest games, PUBG and Fortnite, so I am going to give my opinion on them both.


PUBG on Mobile.
PUBG on mobile.
Battle Royale on Mobile
Fortnite: Battle Royale on mobile.





Fortnite: Battle Royale Mobile

So Fortnite was the first game I tried since I received an email stating it would soon be available on iOS. I had no idea they were attempting a mobile version before this. I have to admit I was excited at the prospect of being able to play a game of Fortnite anytime, anywhere (toilet breaks would suddenly be a lot longer). I did have my reservations though, Fortnite is a brilliant Battle Royale game but the building mechanics that are a massive part of it make it rather complex, I couldn’t see a way they would be able to get the controls to be suitable for the mobile device with the building still being a huge part of the game.

So the time came to finally download Fortnite and have a game. Firstly, I was rather impressed the game would allow you to connect it to your Xbox or Playstation profile meaning you could play the game on console or mobile and use the same profile with the same progression (its about time). After fiddling around in the menus for a few seconds I decided to just go for it and have a game. Now I can bet it will vary on each device but I was playing on my iPhone X and it looked as if someone had taken the game from the console and just shrunk it down into my phone screen, which I suppose is what they were going for so hats off to Epic for that!

Picture of Fortnite on mobile
The game looks just as good as the console version.

Once I had gotten over how much I enjoyed the look of the game I started looking into how it played and I would probably say its like playing it on console but in slow-mo. People are having to take a while to aim their weapons as they get use to using their controls meaning majority of people are stood still aiming away which is making them easy pickings for more skilled players.

I have to admit the hardest part about playing the game on the mobile is the build aspect of the game, which is such a shame since its such an important mechanic to the game. Collecting materials can be awkward as you’re effectively shooting whilst moving which can really take some getting use to. All in all its a pretty fantastic attempt at bringing the core game to the mobile platform but I just think the game is a bit to complicated for the simplicity of the mobile platform.  A dumbed down version would be perfect but that would mean it wouldn’t be Fornite Battle Royale. Hopefully they find ways to work out these kinks and it can truly become an amazing addition to the fun game.


PlayerUnknowns: Battlegrounds Mobile

I have to admit although I do love both games, PUBG is my preferred option I just enjoy the realism and feel it is more of a challenge. Being the last few alive in PUBG is so much more pleasing to me than in Fortnite. Due to this I was even more excited to be able to play PUBG on my phone, I thought I would be playing it constantly whenever I got the chance.

Once I had loaded the game up I felt disappointing that you couldn’t connect your Xbox/ PC profile to be able to use the same profile. You can connect the game to Facebook but I felt that wasn’t good enough. Getting past this disappointment I was pleased to see that the menu showed us challenges we could complete and even get rewarded customisation crates for, I really hope they bring this idea to the Xbox version.

Once Id had a play around the menus I launched a Solo game. The game still has the same problems as it does on the Xbox with it taking a while to render buildings in properly but it does run smoothly once they have, with no lag that I could detect. All in all, the core game is exactly as it is on the Xbox and PC, the map, graphics and the way the game plays is exactly the same. For me the biggest issue I encountered whilst playing was the actual controls, they is a joystick pictured for moving and pushing it upwards for a few seconds would keep your character running without you having to keep it held, which is massively helpful as, it allows you to then look around whilst sprinting but then they is a touch button on the next side for shooting which you constantly end up accidentally pressing as your moving around, this gave away my position multiple times which was frustrating.

PUBG Controls
The controls can feel complicated to use. I often press the shoot button when trying to move my character.

Picking up items can be a slight pain, the game starts off with auto pick up on which means if you come across any gear that the game thinks is better than the gear you have it will automatically pick it up and equipped it, this also goes for weapon attachments. Now this doesn’t sound like a bad idea and can actually help you when you need to get a move on but it takes a little of getting use to. Opening doors is the other pain, you have to stand still and click to open the door meaning anyone with sights on you can just riddle you with bullets as you attempt to open a door stood still, but I have heard the devs are looking into auto opening doors which could be the solution or become a problem in itself.

They are some kinks that really need working out but despite the learning curve of the controls I seriously enjoyed the few games I played, I actually won my first 2 games. I don’t find myself playing is as often as I thought I would though but I think that is because the console version will always be better to play with. Its a good game way to try the game if you’re unsure of buying it on PC or Xbox as its free to play on mobile.

Daily log in rewards for PUBG Mobile.
PUBG Mobile now gives daily log in rewards.
Grading system for PUBG Mobile.
PUBG mobile gives you a grade on how you performed at the end of the game.







I really like the idea of battle royale making a push for the mobile platform as I hope it brings more players to the genre but currently player count has been reducing slowly on these games and that makes me worried.. Is battle royale dying as a genre already? I hope not. I really enjoy it on the console and would love to see more AAA developers come up with battle royale ideas. Give me your opinion on the matter below or join us on our forums to discuss all matters gaming news!