Moan about Asus bad customer support and bullying of customers

Here at Caffeine gaming, we love good customer support and when you rely on your custom PC for gaming and work, it is essential to get parts fixed or replaced immediately when they go wrong or fail. Slow or unhelpful service only hinders us in bringing you gaming and tech news as soon as it is released!

Moan about Asus bad customer support and bullying of customers
Asus Bad customer support

I know we are not the only ones to complain about Asus and their bad customer service and when you compare them to competitor tech company’s such as Apple or Amazon, they just don’t compete. Here is a recent experience one of our contributors had:

“ My Z170-Duluxe suddenly decided that it didn’t want me to use four of the eight USB ports on the rear. I did all of the usual troubleshooting including resetting the BIOS, reinstalling the BIOS etc. Eventually I gave in and called up Asus, who, after asking for my serial number, recommended that I visit my nearest service centre. This wasn’t ideal for me as my nearest centre is a 3 hour round trip by car but after battling for a while, it was decided that this was my only option.

With little enthusiasm, I turn up my local centre and discover that this was of course a wasted trip. I had purchased my motherboard in a different country meaning that their engineers couldn’t even take a look at it nor give me advice on what I could do next. While they were apologetic for my long and wasted journey, there was little they could do to support the misinformation I had been given. I have since managed to return it to Amazon for a full refund.

I am also having a problem with my Asus Strix 1080ti and after a long troubleshooting session, I called up a different countries phone support to sort the problem. They offered me a full refund once they had received the item. Now the service centre has informed me that it is working perfectly and have begun the ‘return to sender’ process without notifying me first. I no longer live at this address or the country that it is being sent to. Finally after more than 3 weeks they have told me the card is in fact faulty. Im waiting for my refund.”

But! Its doesn’t stop there. I had to of course replace my motherboard. So I chose the new Z270E. However after 2 days the WiFi adaptor stopped working. Again the usual troubleshooting of uninstalling drivers and updating them and updating the BIOS with no luck. So I have sent that back.

Time to try MSI

MSI Z270 M7

Here are some points that we think make a companies customer service 5* :

•World wide warranty – So if you break down on the move you can get support. (like Apple)

•24/7 Phone support – Great for those of us who don’t have set working hours. Break downs happen at any time and it’s important to be up and running asap.

•Fast, dedicated support ticket system. Sometimes you need to use a ticket system for uploading test results or screen shots etc. Having a dedicated rep to help you with your issues is a must in order to have a consistent help.

•Fast easy returns/replacements (Amazon have this down to a T)