Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series

Microsoft want the show to be what Halo fans expect

Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series
Title Screen for the Halo TV Series

Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series. Microsoft announced a Halo TV series that would be released along side the Xbox One. Spielberg was said to be heading the project. Caffeine Gaming investigates! Make sure you check out our latest gaming news.

The Halo TV show was announced during the E3 Convention back in 2013, Steven Spielberg was revealed to be the executive producer on the show and it was expected to have a budget that was on par with, HBO smash hit series, Game of Thrones.

The added bonus that the TV series was expected to release alongside Halo 5 had fans feeling very excited about it.

However, since then they is no news regarding anything to do with the series. No plot details or casting details have been announced and a release date seems to be lost in the time vortex.

In 2016 a frustrated fan tweeted Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox) asking whether the show was actually dead or alive Phil tweeted back:

@DMC_Ryan Alive.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 4, 2016

Now another year on and Microsoft have again confirmed the project is still very much alive. During an interview with AR12Gaming, Microsoft Executives stated that it had never stopped working on the project. They are still working with Steven Spielberg and Showtime to bring the series into a reality. Microsoft have also stated that the main reasoning for it not being announced yet is that they are wanting the series to be done the right way, to make it the best series possible for Halo fans all over the world.

“Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series Gaming News”

The lack of news hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what the show could be about or what it will entail. The top theory for plot details so far has been regarding the ‘Fall of Reach’.

Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series
The fall of Reach was covered in the 5th Halo game

The Fall of Reach marks the largest and bloodiest battle between humanity and a collection of alien races called the Covenant. During this battle the Covenant manages to take control of the planet called Reach in search for important relics. The human forces fail massively in trying to repel the Covenant; but they do however managed to get a very important AI named Cortana of the planet. This in turn helps turn the tide of the war in the long run.

Microsoft are trying to perfect this series to make it what fans expect; but they would be mistaken to miss the opportunity to use it to pull in more fans to the series. If done right the TV series could lead to entire new batch of fans picking up an Xbox to play the game.

The fall of Reach would be a perfect point in the Halo story that could be told to; not only please fans of the long lasting series, but also to pull in thousands more. The particular story of Reach would be easy for new fans to pick up as it would be easy enough to explain who and what the Covenant are.

                   ‘Spielberg and Showtime still on board’

With a budget that is meant to be on par with the Game Of Thrones, this TV series could become a very gritty, dark, boots on the ground war zone. Microsoft has already showed off its amazing CGI skills with the award winning, Forward Unto Dawn web series.

Microsoft still working on Halo TV Series
Forward Unto Dawn was nominated for 12 awards and won 5. Including ‘Best Drama Series’

Fans are hoping that all this will eventually lead to a Halo Live Action movie  finally being created, one was penned up back in 2005 but unfortunately was riddled with disagreement between Fox, Universal Studios and Microsoft. The film was leading up to become the next big thing for Hollywood; with writers Percy Jackson and Neill Blomkamp being called into to create it. Eventually it fell apart due to Microsoft and Fox both wanting more creative control. All though the project fell apart, it wasn’t all bad news as it led Neill to create the fantastic District 9.

‘Halo is yet to find success in TV adaptions and film’

Personally, I am beyond excited for this project and have been since the date it was announced. I think the Fall of Reach is a perfect starting point for this project; fans will be overjoyed with a TV representative of Reach; and new fans will be able to get to grips with the story points of the Halo universe.

This project could very well make the Halo universe rival the likes of Star Wars; they is more than enough juice in the universe and the stories to allow many seasons worth of creation. If done correctly, which it seems Microsoft are aiming for, this could shoot Halo into a new generation of fame. As a massive fan of the series I cant help but get excited. The prospect of Halo becoming the next big thing for TV and movies; along with seeing the Master Chief on my TV screen; excites the nerd in me almost as much as Rogue One did. The question is, after all this time, will it be worth the wait?