Meltan, the recently revealed new Mythical Pokemon, has been shrouded in mystery since it first (sort of) appeared in Pokemon Go immediately after September’s Community Day event ended, but now we’ve learned a lot more about it. The Pokemon Company has revealed some new details about the Hex Nut Pokemon, the most tantalizing of which is a hint that it may have some sort of second form.

The Pokemon Company revealed the details via two new trailers revolving around Meltan. The first is the second installment of the Two Professors video series, featuring Professors Oak and Willow discussing the new information they learned about the Pokemon, including how players can capture it. The second, which you can watch below, is a promotional trailer showing off a group of Meltan mischievously playing with different items around a house.

While the second trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay footage, it does include a teaser that there’s more to Meltan than meets the eye. Toward the end of the video, a group of Meltan could be seen huddled together sleeping; the screen then fades, and when it returns we see a silhouette of a hulking Pokemon that likewise has a nut for a head.

We don’t yet know anything else about this mysterious Pokemon, so it’s still unclear whether it is an evolution of Meltan or simply another form the Pokemon can assume. Many other Legendary Pokemon can take on alternate forms, such as Zygarde from Pokemon X and Y, but it remains to be seen just what this new Pokemon is.

The key to obtaining Meltan involves linking Pokemon Go and the upcoming Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee games for Switch. If you transfer one Pokemon from the former to the latter, you’ll receive a new item called a Mystery Box in Go. When this is activated, you’ll have a chance to catch Meltan in the wild and transfer it over to Let’s Go. However, the box will only remain open for a certain amount of time, after which you’ll need to wait a little while before you can transfer another Pokemon and reopen it.


Author Kevin Knezevic

Original Post by GameSpot

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