Let’s Give Activision a Bit of Credit, Yeah?

Its a truth universally acknowledged, that a Real Gamer must hate major publishers. None of the big boys escape criticism, whether its Ubisoft for its perceived approach to copy-and-paste game design or EA for, well, absolutely everything, really. Activision has oft been a dirty word in enthusiast circles, presumably because it insists on releasing wildly popular Call of Duty titles every year, but while other companies have had a dire generation, lets give Bobby Kotick and his underlings a morsel of credit for some of its extracurricular activities recently.

The reality is that even if you think first-person shooters will give you cooties, Activision has done a wonderful job resurrecting some of its older brands. All the talk at the start of the generation revolved around whether Sony could wrench the Crash Bandicoot franchise out of the publishers cold hard grasp; the discussion was partly fuelled by outright fandom, but also because no one truly believed that the American…

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