Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia Gaming Festival

Welcome to one of the UK’s Largest Gaming Events, Insomnia. Considered to have one of the largest Local Area Network (LAN) events alongside a main stage for professional E-sports, and an Expo hall. The hall is a space for publishers to show off upcoming games, a place for indie developers to showcase their creations, stalls for traders to sell merchandise, and a variety of events and tournaments. All of this, under one roof, makes Insomnia an event well worth going to for people of all ages. This is Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Insomnia Gaming Festival

When is Insomnia?

Insomnia is an event hosted three times a year and runs for four days, Thursday to Friday. The 2018 dates are:

Insomnia62 | Spring | 29/03/18 – 02/04/18

Insomnia63 | Summer | 23/08/18 – 27/08/18

Insomnia64 | Winter | 06/12/18 – 10/12/18

*Dates vary each year.*

Where is Insomnia?

Insomnia will be held at the NEC in Birmingham until 2019, at which point it may change location, however, further details are currently unknown.

How much do tickets cost?

Weekend tickets often range from £73 to £105.

Individual day tickets are typically around £26 pounds for an individual, with Monday being the cheapest at £18. Family tickets range from £54 to £79.

Tickets are available here until sold out. Grab them while you can, they sell
out quickly!

*Prices listed are not priority tickets. Prices may vary.*

Insomnia Gaming Festival

What to look forward to:

Our experience:

When we went to i62 we had so much fun exploring the indie section. There were heaps of upcoming games we’d never heard of, but they were extremely fun to play!

It was also interesting watching the Call of Duty League, as a few of us had no prior interest in E-sports. We Suddenly found ourselves cheering for teams we’d never seen before and cheering them on similarly to a game of football or rugby! The atmosphere was vibrant with people cheering, lights flashing and journalists commentating the game for viewers at home.

If you are an esports CWL fan you must check out our interviews with some of the players.

We are most certainly going to be walking around i63 and look forward to talking to you!Let us know if you’ll be coming to i63 via Twitter (@caffeinegaming_)