Injustice 2: See Darkseid In Action In New Gameplay Trailer

NetherRealm today released a new trailer for the Injustice 2 character Darkseid, who is available as a preorder bonus. Darkseid is a “being of pure hate incarnate,” according to his official description–and he certainly lives up to that in the spotlight trailer embedded above.

“His merciless obsession has left a wake of suffering and obliteration as he seeks the Anti-Life Equation,” reads a line from his description. “With his invincible body, limitless strength, army of Parademons, and the annihilating power of his Omega Beams make him not only a threat to this world, but to every world within reach.”

Looking ahead, NetherRealm is going to announce the next Injustice 2 character tomorrow, April 28. The surprise may have been revealed early, however, as a new character leaked earlier this week.

Injustice 2 launches on May 16 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can see a roundup of all the confirmed characters here.


Author Eddie Makuch

Original Post by GameSpot

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